5 exercises to help you warm up your creativity

Do you want to make art but feel a bit unmotivated? Don’t over think it… just start making something. It’s like getting your butt up to exercise, the hardest part is to just get to the gym, once you are there it’s easy.

Below are some places to start:

  1. Copy a master/inspiration.
  2. Pick up an old book and flip through it, draw images that inspire you.
  3. Make marks on a paper, just scribble…
  4. SWATCH, make swatches!
  5. Doodle items you see in your room.
Study of Hubert Green

The image above is a copy of a piece of art I like, I really enjoyed making it and learnt a lot about the joy of playing with colour, making marks on a piece of paper and composition . SIMPLE but so beautiful and intentional!

Pencil: Prismacolor Pencils

Paper: Cason Drawing Paper 110 gsm

Van Gogh is a bad ass in the art world. You cannot go wrong with studying Van Gogh. The two above images is a Van Gogh interpreted by me in line drawing style.

Medium: Digital Ipad with Rubber Stylus

I didn’t quite find this image in a book however it was an image I came across that inspired me to use my Huion Tablet. I used Adobe Photoshop and my tablet to create the image on the right.

Sketch book page by Teresa Dang

Yep, the above is literally a doodle of the things around me like laundry, my lamp and my hand. Plus a few random things here and there.

Swatches by far are my favourite exercise. So simple, meditative yet fun at the same time. Check out my Weekend Mindfulness Art for ideas on how to make mindfulness art.

Pencils: Jasart Colour Pencil 72

Paint: Cotman Watercolours Winsor and Newton

Original art by Teresa Dang

This is a fun little drawing of my room. I was sat on my bed and I drew the view of my room with a fine pen on some scrap Muji Paper.

Paper: Recycled Paper Note Pad/Plain $1.60

Pen: From Vietnam Brand Name Ben Nghe it’s blue and super fine and scratchy

I hope you get back to creating and do a little scribble. Have Fun!

Have an awesome week!

Teresa XX