Weekend Mindfulness Art

A field guide to color, A watercolour workbook by Lisa Solomon

If you’re looking for a quick art exercise to do to relax, these colourful dots are are both beautiful and simple to create. Pretty straight forward… grab your water colour and dot away.

Lisa talks about these exercises as ‘colour meditations.’ If you find you’re feeling stressed or just need some thing to do to calm your mind, this will do the trick!

Come to think of it these pieces remind me of those stick on ear rings they made when I was little. They were sparkly and came in difference shapes, like moon, circle, triangle, flowers. Do you remember these???

Book: A field guide to color by Lisa Solomon

Paper: Calligraphy paper 20 sheets from Diaso – $1.50

Paint: Koh-I-Noor Water Colour Discs

Have a lovely weekend,

Teresa x