How to draw buildings – Snap, sketch and colour.

Literally looked out the window of my car and thought I can draw that so I took a photo!

I’ve always wanted to draw buildings but they have always intimidated me because of the proportions – I’ve practised my lines so am seeing better results.

It gave me an idea… I could map these building all around Sydney to see the what buildings look like in certain areas. Lets see how many I can draw!

This picture was taken in Merrylands in Western Sydney.

Drew it on in my sketch book!

Drew this on my Ipad – I love the Bamboo Paper App!

Coloured it in.

The end.

Let me know which version you like better, B/W or coloured?

I hope you have a lovely day. Teresa x

Trip to Bilpin – Apple Mountain

It was the long weekend. A spontaneous trip was in order! I grabbed my SLR camera and my puffy jacket to head off on an adventure to Apple Mountain to find me some apples. After all it was the Queen’s birthday.

A 2 hour drive out of Sydney, a pit stop at Red Rooster and next thing you know it we’re in the mountains breathing in that fresh air! The sun was shining and the sky was blue. A sip of the best apple juice I’ve ever had – Bilpin Apple juice made from locally grown apples! A bag of Pink Lady apples for $3.

Exploring was fun, here is snap shot of my journey through the bushes!

We hit some traffic on the way back but it was well worth it.

Some drawings from the mountains… I’ve got many ideas about what to do with this illustration. Curious, what do you think I should do with it?

Teresa x