How to draw buildings – Snap, sketch and colour.

Literally looked out the window of my car and thought I can draw that so I took a photo!

I’ve always wanted to draw buildings but they have always intimidated me because of the proportions – I’ve practised my lines so am seeing better results.

It gave me an idea… I could map these building all around Sydney to see the what buildings look like in certain areas. Lets see how many I can draw!

This picture was taken in Merrylands in Western Sydney.

Drew it on in my sketch book!

Drew this on my Ipad – I love the Bamboo Paper App!

Coloured it in.

The end.

Let me know which version you like better, B/W or coloured?

I hope you have a lovely day. Teresa x

DIY Coloured pencil draw to scan e-stickers

Make e-stickers out of scanned drawings… grab a pencil and draw a picture of ANYTHING.


  1. Draw
  2. Scan
  3. Crop

In photoshop

  • Use polygonal lasso to trace around your drawing.
  • Right click > Layer via Cut
  • Delete original layer
  • Create a new layer > Drag and place it under the original layer
  • Trace around the image again using the polygonal lasso leaving a boarder
  • Finally, Paint Bucket Tool what ever colour your heart desires. I like the pretty pastel colours!

To make it look more like a sticker make sure the surrounding colour is pure white. This way it looks like you’ve just peeled off a fresh sticker and stuck it on your website.

You can use them to decorate your blog and other online social media accounts.

Good luck. Teresa x

Trip to Bilpin – Apple Mountain

It was the long weekend. A spontaneous trip was in order! I grabbed my SLR camera and my puffy jacket to head off on an adventure to Apple Mountain to find me some apples. After all it was the Queen’s birthday.

A 2 hour drive out of Sydney, a pit stop at Red Rooster and next thing you know it we’re in the mountains breathing in that fresh air! The sun was shining and the sky was blue. A sip of the best apple juice I’ve ever had – Bilpin Apple juice made from locally grown apples! A bag of Pink Lady apples for $3.

Exploring was fun, here is snap shot of my journey through the bushes!

We hit some traffic on the way back but it was well worth it.

Some drawings from the mountains… I’ve got many ideas about what to do with this illustration. Curious, what do you think I should do with it?

Teresa x

DIY – coloured pencil doodles as wrapping paper design

It’s actually really easy to make on your own. All you need is….

  1. some of your favourite coloured pencils
  2. the ability to draw some dots and lines…
  3. printer paper/ or any paper really

I used this piece to wrap up a small jar of honey for a friend’s birthday present.

Hope you enjoy. Teresa x

artists that inspire

Do you love discovering art or people who make you do a virtual double take? I often find people like this online scrolling through youtube or instagram. What follows for me is a binge watching of videos about artists, actors and famous people in history.

Here are some of my favourite contemporary artists I’ve been hoarding away. I really believe in their beautiful work that bring positivity to the world. I love what they stand for as artists. They are so much more than just people who can draw and paint they are creatives; people who are able to see things that others turn a blind eye to in the day to day, they are story tellers they are change makers they are visionaries.

grid pictures

These gems bring me joy and delight:

Michael Leunig – Michael has the most witty comics all about the everyday. He cleverly and subtly plants a seed of social change through his work. I always have a good chuckle when I see his work. He is funny and makes simplicity look beautiful.

Hayao Miyazaki – I love the environmental and spiritual themes in his work. He also captures children just perfectly. I often feel a deep sense of reflection and serenity when I am in his world.

Meredith Gaston – A very loved wellness guru. When I came across her brightly painted flowers and read her book I felt like I met a kindred spirit. I turned to the back of her book to find that we shared the same influences both studied gender and cultural studies at the University of Sydney. I celebrate artists like Meredith because she is so genuine and loving. I am so glad she is sharing her health and wellbeing tips and tricks and it has really reaffirmed my values and dreams.

Lisa Congdon – Lisa is all about empowerment, she is practical and a wonderful teacher sharing her journey to success generously. I love listening to Lisa’s talks about her work with such humility and candour, she makes me feel like pursuing art as a career is achievable.

Wendy Macnaughton – Wendy is a recent find… Wendy tells stories about people whom stories would otherwise be untold. She draws from life and on location which is super brave. She is an artist that uses process to fuel her creativity; putting pieces of the art work and story together as she goes.

Nina Cosford – All about the every day experience of being a girl. She is one of the original “girl power” illustrators of this online world. Nina’s creative process is quite spectacular, watching her draw and colour is like watching someone put together a very pretty and colourful jigsaw puzzle.

Whose art currently makes you want to create? Who motivates you to pick up a paintbrush, pencil, pen? Please share with me I am always looking for new inspiration.

Thank you for reading.

Teresa x

JPEG image-E0B8DFC8DA28-1

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How to create a Travel Journal

Create a unique travel journal that reflects who you are and the memories you’ve created on a trip overseas, interstate or even a little adventure to the park. I share my thinking and planning process here.

The first thing to consider when at the beginning of creating is to think about intention. Doing this helps you narrow down a few key elements you want to capture in your little journal. Ask your self… why do I want to create this travel journal? So for example you could start off with the intention;

“I want to create a travel journal to help me to remember all the places, sights and people whom I traveled with….”

From this statement of intention, you could break down the key elements or prompts to help keep your journal consistent.

Here are some prompt that may align to the statement above;

  • photo or drawing of buildings, iconic places and restaurants
  • a note about what the place felt like
  • a story about a memorable interaction
  • list of those who were on the trip with you

Create a little prompt list at the front of your journal, it can be on a sticky note which is transferable and removable when you finish your travel journal.

Second thing is to find inspiration. You want to have a theme that pulls all the pages together in your journal. Look through magazines, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest to find layouts and themes that you think suits what you are trying to achieve. Save these images for reference and refer back to them when you’ve hit a wall with ideas. Make sure they are easy to find. There are some really cool artists out there!

Make sure you look through your cupboards and draws before you buy anything fancy to use on this project. You will need;

  • A Blank Journal
  • A variety of pens
  • Photos or drawings
  • Creativity
  • Bits and bobs from travels
bits and bobs.jpg
Limits copy

Limits or rules help with narrowing down what you want to add to your page. It seems counter intuitive but sometimes having a strict rule or limitation through using a theme helps you to become more creative. For example, on this page I will have the following key elements:

  1. Hand lettered heading in bold black colour
  2. An illustration of a map
  3. Important dates
  4. Photo/ Drawing
  5. Bullet points key words such as destinations, people in dot points on one page

It’s great to have a prompt list to refer back to when you’ve run out of organic ideas. Check out this article on Medium that talks about this concept of restrictions and creativity.

Her's my jpournal.jpg

A year ago I moved to London for work and travel. I found myself traveling to all sorts of places I didn’t even know the name of before I had arrived in Europe. I really wanted to savour every bit of my experience overseas so meticulously wrote down my thoughts… at the end of the two years I had two full journals and a long notes document on my Iphone that captured all the little things I thought and felt whilst I was overseas. Moments of frustration and moments of absolute delight all captured on my phone. In addition to this I took photos on a daily basis. It felt like the first and the last time every time I saw something beautiful.

Let me know how you go, you can contact me via my instagram @365daysofscribbles.