New Year Ritual 2023

Some years will be like this but you’ll just have to keep showing up!

Last year I created a post titled “New Year Ritual” this ritual helps keep me grounded and I have returned to these exercises for 4 years now, yay me!

So this year I wanted to set some goals for myself to keep me motivated to make and create. I also wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the year of that was.

Thank you 2022

I have been blessed this year with a number of great milestones and I am super grateful and not at all disappointed when I look back and see that there was a huge gap between my posts.

When I think about the amount of projects and art I have made, I wish it was more however I do remind myself that I have also had a very busy year! With this being said, I am pretty pleased with the projects I have completed. Some years will be like this but you’ll just have to keep showing up!


  • Clay projects with my nephews and niece using air clay
  • Europe sketch book
  • Painterly faces

Start, Stop, & Continue

What do I want to start doing this year? Create a cohesive collection.

What do I want to stop doing this year? Maintain too many social media outlets at once. Ultimately to focus my attention and decide where I want to spend my energy.

What do I want to continue doing this year? Making physical art.

This year I noticed that I have been into using an inky consistency to paint. I continue to enjoy drawing buildings and am getting faster and more confident with my art making.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2023 filled with art making and fun projects ahead.


Teresa xx

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