Random summer nights – a poem

Photograph of Sydney CBD.
North Sydney.
A  night, unplanned. 
Where the night takes us, who knows.
A gap in the fence.
Moon light, couples in a secret search for a special spot, a sky painted with rich blues, yellows and orange.
A feeling, a place and time irreplicable.
A moment alone. The heat of the sandstone below my feet.
The silence of nature.
A daze as the lights of the city flash.
A dash back in the dark. 
Last ones to leave. 
The trill of nearly getting locked in.

TD x

3 thoughts on “Random summer nights – a poem”

  1. Hi Teresa,

    The line that makes this poem is, “the trill of almost being locked in”. So if you meant “thrill”, I’d like to make a case for trill. The word is unexpected, and works in its own unique way. So please tell me you wanted to use trill. Like I say, it makes the poem. Good luck on creating your personal art in this, our only world. Thanks. Duke

    1. Hi Duke, Ahhhh, thank you for reading my poem. I really wrote it without too much thought, a spur of the moment. I am no poet *covers face* I love the way you’ve put a spin on my typo 🙂 this fills my heart with joy as I was secretly embarrassed about making a mistake. Thanks for introducing the word “trill” to me, I think that word fits nicely and it as that. T x

      1. Hi Teresa,

        Typos or confusing one word for another occasionally lead to profound realizations. Writing something you have not intended can actually improve your writing style and lead to unintended, but unique, meanings. Not always, but sometimes. If you want to make your writing unexpected, take a look at a few song lyrics. Maybe Steely Dan or Bob Dylan. They make sense, by not making sense. Good luck. Duke

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