DIY Coloured pencil draw to scan e-stickers

Make e-stickers out of scanned drawings… grab a pencil and draw a picture of ANYTHING.


  1. Draw
  2. Scan
  3. Crop

In photoshop

  • Use polygonal lasso to trace around your drawing.
  • Right click > Layer via Cut
  • Delete original layer
  • Create a new layer > Drag and place it under the original layer
  • Trace around the image again using the polygonal lasso leaving a boarder
  • Finally, Paint Bucket Tool what ever colour your heart desires. I like the pretty pastel colours!

To make it look more like a sticker make sure the surrounding colour is pure white. This way it looks like you’ve just peeled off a fresh sticker and stuck it on your website.

You can use them to decorate your blog and other online social media accounts.

Good luck. Teresa x

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